Over 50% of all companies don’t have the most basic security controls in place

Don't be one of them. Getting the basics right is easy. 

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Use Sparkle Lightning to get an effective security management solution, with clear and actionable insights, and a logical approach to information security and compliance management.

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Sparkle Lightning is built on unique insights from more than 1,000 companies. 


Manage your data protection with Sparkle's expert recommendations, based on your unique company.

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Sparkle Cyber Essentials


  • double-pluse Cyber essential Health Check
  • double-pluse Data and system mapper
  • double-pluse Task manager
  • double-pluse All essential polices, guides and templates
Sparkle Advanced Cyber Controls

99Per Month

  • double-pluse Information Security Health Check
  • double-pluse Data and system mapper
  • double-pluse Guide Risk Management
  • double-pluse Project Planner
  • double-pluse Task Manager
  • double-pluse Information Security Policies, guides and templates
Sparkle GDPR add-on

49Per Month

  • double-pluse GDPR Health Check
  • double-pluse Predefined GDPR tasks
  • double-pluse All GDPR Guides
  • double-pluse Template and policies
  • double-pluse Personal Data Breach Management
  • double-pluse Lighting Health Check
Sparkle ISO27001 add-on

49Per Month

  • double-pluse ISO27001 Health Check
  • double-pluse Predefined ISO17001 tasks
  • double-pluse All ISO27001 Guides
  • double-pluse Templates and policies
Sparkle Kickstarter assistance


  • Kickstarter is an extended customer walk trough and a help to identify assets, risk and tasks. It includes 8 hours of professional consultancy.
  • double-pluse Pay as you go
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