Cyber security and privacy management made human

With new regulations and fear of large fines or negative media coverage, many businesses over-invest in time-consuming security consultants and expensive enterprise software.

With Sparkle we are re-inventing information security management. With the first complete information security management system that makes cyber security and data compliance understandable and easy to work with for everybody. The way it was always meant to be.

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Sparkle Lightning

The first member of the Sparkle Security Suite, ‘Sparkle Lightning’ is the all-in-one SaaS solution for information, privacy and compliance management. Sparkle Lightning will cover 80 to 90% of all basic needs for any type and size business and reduce the need for external consultants with a minimum of 60%. At a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions. 

Still in Beta, we work closely with our beta customers to make sure we cover the right business needs and we work closely with behavioural scientists to create tools and policies everyone can read and understand.


the all-in-one solution for information security, privacy AND compliance management, starting at only 99€ a month

Sparkle Risk Assessment
A risk assessment tool to easily map and benchmark your current level of security against businesses of your size and ‘security profile’.

Sparkle Policy Manager 
A policy ‘designer’ that will help you create your own security policies in a snap and save you hundreds of hours of work and external consulting fees.

Sparkle Security Task Manager
A task manager that will help prioritise projects and provide an overview – and make sure that everyone
on your ‘team’ are notified and complete their individual tasks or controls.

Sparkle Security Dashboard
A management-friendly dashboard with key metrics and all you need to know about your security & compliance
in real-time and in one simple view.


Who we are

Sparkle was founded in 2017 and is currently located in the centre of Copenhagen. Our management team:

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Rasmus Kærsgaard Theede

CEO & co-founder, who has led executive IT and information security functions for more than 20 years in numerous global corporations.

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Nina Varming-Petersen

CTO & co-founder, who has led countless software development teams and delivered software products, business applications and infrastructure for a decade.

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Kresten Bo Nielsen

CFO & co-founder, who has led his own digital agencies and start-ups, delivering digital services and customer experience for more than 20 years.

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Philip Randgaard

Lead Developer, who has experience from his own start-ups and from building software for legal and other advisory services firms for almost a decade.

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